Dr Diana Perche

Dr Diana Perche

Academic Coordinator, Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit

Location: Balnaves Place, LG16

Email: diana.perche@unsw.edu.au

Tel: (61 2) 9385 2251



BA (Hons), MPP, PhD


Dr Diana Perche’s research interests focus on politics and public policy, with a strong interest in how government decisions are made affecting Indigenous people in Australia, and how these decisions are influenced by ideology, evidence, activism and power. Before joining Nura Gili, Diana was the director of postgraduate studies in Politics and Public Policy at Macquarie University. Previously, Diana worked in a number of policy-related positions, including in the Australian Public Service. Diana has degrees from the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, and she completed her PhD at the University of Sydney, on the shifting politics of Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory.

Research and supervision interests:


  • Public policy and Australian politics, specifically
  • Indigenous politics and policy in Australia
  • Health policy
  • Temporality, time and policy history
  • Policy evaluation and evidence-based policy
  • Theories of policy change
  • Federalism and intergovernmental relations, and their impact on public policy formulation and implementation
  • History and development of Australian political parties and party system


Refereed publications

Diana Perche (forthcoming) “ ‘Ignore us at your peril, because we vote too.’ Indigenous policy in the 2016 Federal Election”, in Peter Chen, Anika Gauja and Juliet Pietsch (eds) Australian Federal Election 2016, ANU Press

Darryl O’Donnell and Diana Perche (2016) “Resetting the agenda: the makings of ‘A New Era’ of HIV policy in NSW”, Sexual Health 13: 328-334 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/SH16010

Diana Perche (2011) “Dialogue between past and present: Policy evaluation and history”, Australian Journal of Politics and History, Special Issue: Politics and Time, 57(3) 403-419 http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1467-8497.2011.01605.x   

Pieter Fourie, Diana Perche and Ria Schoeman (2010) “Donor Assistance for AIDS in South Africa: Many Actors, Multiple Agendas”, Strategic Review for Southern Africa Vol 32(2), pp93-120


Conference papers and workshops

Diana Perche, ““It’s all been said before.” Moving from evidence to policy change in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander incarceration and criminal justice”, Australia and New Zealand Public Policy Network Conference: Flinders University, Adelaide, 30 January – 1 February 2017

“Skilled migration in a deregulated market: Ensuring the integrity of the 457 visa in Australia”, Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) Annual Conference, UNSW in Sydney, September 2016  (co-authored with Isabel Little)

“Ignore us at your peril, because we vote too.” Indigenous policy in the 2016 Federal Election”, for the Australian Federal Election Roundtable, Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) Annual Conference, UNSW in Sydney, September 2016 

Diana Perche, “Indigenous policy”, The 2016 Australian Federal Election Book Workshop, University of Sydney 18-19 August 2016

Diana Perche, panellist, “Symposium – Looking back on Economic Rationalism in Canberra twenty-five years on”, 2016 Whitlam Workshop hosted by the Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University, 8-9 August 2016

Diana Perche, “From intentions to actions: temporality, path dependency and contingency in Aboriginal land rights policy in the Howard era”, Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) Annual Conference, Sydney, September 2014 

Diana Perche, “From intentions to actions: temporality and the changing possibilities between policy formulation and decisions”, International Political Science Association, 24th World Congress of Political Science, Montreal, July 2014 (paper presented as part of the Temporality and Public Policy panel in the RC30 Comparative Public Policy stream)

Diana Perche, “Policy development: The interface between law and policy”, presentation for the Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship Program: Capacity Building for Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh, AusAid funded program hosted by Macquarie University Law School, February 2013

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Diana Perche, “Indigenous land reform and the market: Changing social constructions in Indigenous land policy during the Howard era”, Australian Political Studies Association Annual (APSA) Conference, September 2009, Macquarie University



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NITV News Interview, 26 August 2013 (expert commentary on Indigenous affairs in Federal Election campaign)

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Diana has also been asked to provide expert commentary and advice for The Conversation, ABC Radio National, and 2SER 107.3 on topics related to Indigenous politics and health policy.