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Nura Gili provides pathways to learning opportunities that embrace Indigenous knowledge, culture and histories. Nura Gili strives for excellence in educational services and  works towards assuring participation and access to all the programs it offers. The staff and students at Nura Gili support community outreach programs to actively spread the message of the availability of tertiary studies. Staff and students also work to promote the centrality of arts, culture and heritage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples - throughout UNSW and the wider community.

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8 April 2014

UNSW holds the key to your questions…

2 April 2014

As the stories and photos in this edition share Nura Gili and UNSW continues to be an environment where our students can and are thriving; with their tenacity, hard work, good humour and...

11 March 2014

The Nura Gili Student Ambassador positions are responsible for assisting Nura Gili staff in the provision of accurate information on programs offered at UNSW...

24 February 2014

Indigenous business students come together.

21 February 2014

Codie Martin (right), Australian School of Business commerce graduate and Associate CPA now aspires to own his own business.