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Nura Gili offers a Major and a Minor in Indigenous Studies within the Bachelor of Arts and related programs.

The Major and Minor sequences are designed for students seeking to specialise in Indigenous Studies as either the central focus of a Bachelor of Arts degree or as complimentary to another area of specialisation. Courses are available to students across Arts and concurrent Arts degrees and provide knowledge and skills that will be valuable across a wide range of careers.

All first, second and some third level Indigenous Studies courses can be taken by undergraduate students in any Faculty as General Education electives. They are listed under the DVC (A) Board of Studies Courses.

Major and Minor information

Detailed information about the Major and Minor is available through the UNSW Handbook

ATSI course outlines

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Indigenous Studies structure

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Choosing Indigenous Studies courses for 2020?

Here is some useful information to consider when choosing your Indigenous Studies courses for 2020, whether you are looking for a General Education elective or whether you are completing a minor or major in Indigenous Studies.


Course code

Course name


When offered


Indigenous Australia


Term 1 (17 February - 16 May 2020)


Aboriginal Sydney


T2C Intensive (17 August-11 September 2020) and T3


Indigenous Material Culture – Objects and their Journey

30 units of credit at Level 1



Popular Culture of Indigenous Australia

30 units of credit at Level 1

T2C Intensive (17 August-11 September 2020)


Indigenous Australian Political History

30 units of credit at Level 1



Gendered Identities in Indigenous Australia

30 units of credit at Level 1



The Science of Indigenous Knowledges

30 units of credit at Level 1

Term 1 (17 February - 16 May 2020)


Race, Colonialism and Whiteness

36 units of credit



Indigenous Histories and the Colonial World

36 units of credit



Indigenous Studies Capstone

120 units of credit, enrolment in major in Indigenous Studies, in the final semester of degree program

T3 only

General information:

  • All Indigenous Studies courses have compulsory class attendance requirements. Most courses will have 4 hours of class each week over 9 weeks. No courses are offered fully online. (2020 exceptions to accommodate COVID-19 course delivery).
  • None of the Indigenous Studies courses have formal examinations in the examination period.
  • If you are considering ‘overloading’ for one term, the following options may be helpful: ATSI1011 Summer intensive (06 January – 07 February 2020), ATSI1012 August intensive (17 August - 11 September 2020).
  • For more information please contact Mary Pianka, Academic Administrator, email: mary.pianka @ unsw.edu.au