Research Seminar series

All seminars take place from 1.00pm to 2:30pm on Fridays in the Nura Gili Boardroom Balnaves Place, Lower Ground floor of the Electrical Engineering Building UNSW Kensington Campus. Everybody is welcome to attend. 


Term 3 Seminars

27 September

Dr Alison Holland (Modern History, Politics and International relations, Macquaire University)

Aboriginal Rights, Legal Reform and the Politics of Humanitarian Discontent Between the Wars 


11 October                     

Victor Cabello (Media Studies, UNSW Sydney)

Indigenous Australian Ways of Knowing, decolonising communication on social media - one tweet at a time


18 October

Professor Carol A. Mullen (Educational Leadership, Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA)

Canadian Indigenous Literature and Art: Decolonizing Education, Culture, and Society


RESCHEDULED TO 2020 - apologies for any inconvenience

Alison Whittaker (Research Fellow, Jumbunna Institute, UTS)          

Dragged ‘like a dead kangaroo’: Can settler Australian justice systems ever do justice for Indigenous deaths in custody?


22 November

Professor Megan Davis (Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous, UNSW Sydney)




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Ph: 9385 3120