School & Community Visits

Nura Gili offers opportunities for schools and community organisations/programs to engage with us through off-campus and on-campus workshops. Our outreach and recruitment team along with our student ambassadors visit schools, organisations and community groups throughout Sydney and the wider-Sydney region. Our workshops are designed to inspire our communities and people to believe in the power of education through providing tertiary experiences that demonstrate the link between a university students lived experience, classroom learning as well as future career and study options.

Off-Campus Workshop

Our off-campus workshops have been developed to begin and/or continue the thinking process around future career aspirations and educational choices, build students awareness of university and interest in further study, introduce the design thinking process, problem solving ability and build confidence and self-determination with our people and draw out connections between classrooms based learning with real-world applications. Our Aim is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have high expectations of themselves and their abilities to succeed in the education world.

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On-Campus Workshop

With the same aims as our off-campus workshops, our on-campus workshops add the opportunity for participants to discover UNSW’s Kensington and/or Paddington campus through workshops, activities and tours.

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To find out more information about our workshops please feel free to contact our Student Recruitment Officer 

Leearna Williams
P: 02 9385 8306

If Leearna is not available please contact our office on 02 9385 3805 and speak to one of our Student Support Officers.