Student Support

To the many Indigenous students who come through Nura Gili, we hope to provide you with a place where you can feel safe, supported, guided and very much welcome

Nura Gili staff are available during the week from 9am-5pm to assist students.

Academic Support

Nura Gili's Academic Support Officers are available to assist Indigenous students from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. To make an appointment please contact Nura Gili on 9385 3805 or contact an Academic Support Officer directly.

ITP (Indigenous Tuition Program)
If you need tutoring assistance, please see the ITP page on how to sign up.

Have you thought about taking Indigenous Studies?
See what subjects Nura Gili offers – undergraduate, general education and postgraduate.

Walama Muru
Want to get involved with Walama? Walama is a year long program where students raise money to then assist with a community development project for one week later in the year.

Your 2018 ARC Indigenous Student Officer is Ian Brown . View the Arc website for more information. 

Administrative Support

Need help with enrolling, subject changes, finding the right forms? Contact Student Central