Nura Gili Research Seminar Series



Nura Gili is delighted to present our Research Seminar Series for Semester 1.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

All seminars take place from 10:30 am to 12 noon on Mondays,

Room 309, Morven Brown, UNSW Kensington Campus.

For seminar enquiries- Ph: 9385 3120


19 February    

Dr Melanie Schwartz (Faculty of Law, UNSW Sydney)

Retaining our best: supporting Indigenous law students through to graduation

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19 March         

Associate  Professor Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews and Shannon Foster (Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges, UTS)

Wella bugrabula mariwari bugra (When power and hate collide): Decolonising Racism and Bullying from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Standpoints

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9 April              

Dr Ruth McCausland and Peta MacGillivray (School of Social Sciences, UNSW Sydney)

Building an ethical community-led research collaboration: the Yuwaya Ngarra-li partnership with the Dharriwaa Elders Group, Walgett

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30 April (Room 310)

Professor Tim Rowse (Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University)Indigenous and other Australians since 1901

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21 May        

Dr Katrina Thorpe (Sydney School of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney

Pre-service teacher narratives of experience at the Cultural Interface of Indigenous Studies

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