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About the Nura Gili logo

Artist’s Statement

Nura Gili meaning ‘place of fi­re / light’ in the local Sydney language of Dharug, was the name given to Indigenous programs at UNSW Sydney and is in reference to the old hearth site or ‘­fire place’ located near UNSW’s main campus in Randwick and is an acknowledgement of the land on which the University stands. 

The design inspired by this site is symbolic of the tradition of lighting a ­fire at this place; an old gathering site around a constant ­fire that burnt which people would travel to, to ignite ­fires of their own to take on and use on a continued journey.

The centre of the flame motif represents this meeting place and is also symbolic of Indigenous programs at UNSW – the strength light and ­fire that it ignites; a place for flames to take hold, be nurtured and grow in preparation for the many new adventures that may come.

About the Artist

The Nura Gili Logo was designed by Yuwaalaraay woman Lucy Simpson of Gaawaa Miyay Designs. Lucy was a student at the College of Fine Arts (now UNSW Art and Design) and a member of staff at Nura Gili in 2007 when she created the logo, which remains a great source of pride for her in representing this signi­cant place for her and the many friends and colleagues that she met during her journey through Nura Gili. 

©Lucy Simpson, Gaawaa Miyay Designs 2015