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Nura Gili News Ed. 28: June 2016

We are happy to share the Nura Gili News with you. This is our final edition as Editors and we have thoroughly enjoyed interning at Nura Gili for the past semester and bringing you the Nura Gili News.

Edition 28 of the Nura Gili News continues to feature stories on staff, current students and alumni.

Nura Gili News Ed. 27: May 2016
Once again, we are happy to share the latest edition of the Nura Gili News with you. Edition 27 of the Nura Gili News continues to feature stories on staff, current students and alumni. The Nura Gili News is now accessible on mobile phones. We hope you all enjoy the Nura Gili News and are excited to hear your feedback or suggestions, including any ideas that you believe should be included in the next edition. Also, a special thank you to all those who were involved, featured and gave up their time to contribute to the Nura Gili News. Please enjoy and share it!
Nura Gili News Ed. 26: April 2016
It is a pleasure to share the latest edition of the new look Nura Gili News with you. This edition features articles on staff, current students and alumni. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Nura Gili News Ed. 25: December 2015
Our final edition of Nura Gili News for the year. The weeks leading up to the end of the year area are always particularly busy for of us here at Nura Gili and 2015 was no exception. Enjoy the stories and I wish you all a wonderful holiday, with time to rejuvenate with family and friends before the new challenges awaiting us in 2016.

Nura Gili News Ed. 24: October 2015
It's been a superb month here at Nura Gili and UNSW with an abundance of stories reflecting established and up and coming Indigenous thought leaders and practitioners across many diverse fields as exemplified recently at our UNSW Indigenous Awards Night held at Scientia, enjoy our latest issue of Nura Gili News


Nura Gili News Ed. 23: September 2015
Recently Nura Gili heald year 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Day where it was tremendous to see 57 students and nearly 20 parents/ teachers/ youth workers join us. The energy and the enthusiasm of all those who came, the great leadership of Leadership of Leearna Williams and our Nura Gili Ambassadors and students who helped out on the day alongside all the Nura Gili, faculty and other UNSW staff ensured many of the students' questions were answered and we hope to see many of you again in the near future.


Nura Gili News Ed. 23: Special Winter School Edition July 2015
Our special Winter School issue highlights many of the great contributions by our Nura Gili students, Nura Gili and Faculty staff, to provide a transformational week with the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Winter School participants currently in years 10, 11 and 12.


Nura Gili News Ed. 21: June 2015
It’s been a momentous few weeks with a spectrum of great achievements from our Indigenous students, alumni and staff. The last fortnight saw Indigenous graduations for three PhD awards, an outstanding achievement .Our heartfelt congratulations to Dr Sue Green PhD , Dr Cameron Ramirez Fitzpatrick PhD and Dr Megan Williams PhD all whom we feature in our lead story this month.

Nura Gili News Ed. 20: May 2015
As always, in this month’s issue our stories reflect the abdundance of tenacity, resillience and joy as students and staff pursue their dreams across many different endeavours. Daily I’m inspired by our students and my colleagues who show such care for each other and together foster determination to succeed not only for themselves but for their families and communities.
Nura Gili News Ed. 19: April 2015
With our Nura Gili UNSW students on their mid Semester break and many others enjoying the school holidays I hope everyone has had some time to catch up with themselves, families and friends which with the many demands on our lives can at times be tricky.

Nura Gili News Ed. 18: March 2015
Week one of teaching at UNSW Australia is underway and here at Nura Gili we are all feeling reenergised with the influx of all our students embracing each other, their studies, their Nura Gili family. Already our first year students who attended Ngurra: Nura Gili's orientation program a fortnight ago, are settling into their first week of lectures having experienced the joys of their first o'week!

Nura Gili News Ed.17: December 2014
An incredible end to the year, as we celebrated six Indigenous doctors graduating from UNSW this week!
Nura Gili News Ed.16: November 2014
As you read this our Indigenous students are sitting their end of year exams here at UNSW whilst many other Indigenous year 12 students have just completed their HSC and other state's equivalent exams.

Nura Gili News Ed.15: September 2014
Our latest issue celebrates the many successful platforms provided through Nura Gili’s leadership, staff, students and alumni in partnership with UNSW Faculties and facilities.


Nura Gili News Ed.14: July 2014
Enjoy all the stories in this month’s edition traversing far and wide and I hope on reading this month’s edition you also begin to feel renewed and ready to embrace all the new challenges that await us.

Nura Gili News Ed.13: June 2014
As our cover highlights the last fortnight has seen many Nura Gili students with their families and friends celebrate their graduations.
Nura Gili News Ed.12: May 2014

As our cover highlights here at Nura Gili and UNSW we work amongst talented, vibrant and diverse communities of practice that continue to grow, shape and make incredible impact far and wide.


Nura Gili News Ed.11: March 2014
As the stories and photos in this edition share Nura Gili and UNSW continues to be an environment where our students can and are thriving; with their tenacity, hard work, good humour and friendships.


Nura Gili News Ed.10: February 2014
This edition, our first for 2014 reflects the dynamic and transformative journeys that weave in and out of Nura Gili.

   Nura Gili News Ed.9: December 2013

This month’s Nura Gili News celebrates our students and graduates who continue to champion their dreams across many fields and endeavours; stories of success and renewal.


Nura Gili News Ed.8: November 2013
As seen on our cover with Yuin Elder Uncle Paul’s teaching, this issue of Nura Gili shares a window on many of the enriching programs and research Nura Gili and UNSW faculties


Nura Gili News Ed.7 October 2013
Inaugural Nura Gili Awards Night Celebrating Indigenous Success at UNSW


Nura Gili News Ed.6 August 2013
Special Winter School Edition


Nura Gili News Ed.5: June 2013
This month we celebrate the courage and creativity of our students with their diversity of passions spanning the world both literally and figuratively; so many drawing on the strengths of their family and strong sense of their own Indigenous identity.


Nura Gili News Ed.4: May 2013
In May’s edition of Nura Gili News our stories are a testimony to our students, staff and alumni’s contributions, collaborations and connections both here and abroad.


Nura Gili News Ed.3: April 2013
With semester one well underway Balnaves Place Home of Nura Gili is in full swing with students, staff and visitors working away in their studies, research, programs, training and events embracing the challenges and opportunities on offer.


Nura Gili News Ed.2: March 2013
This month’s issue of Nura Gili News reflects this vibrancy of Nura Gili, from the warm welcome from our Director Professor Martin Nakata, the enthusiasm of our new students, the impact Nura Gili students and staff are making in education, the professions and community.


Nura Gili News Ed.1: February 2013
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Nura Gili News - Celebrating our students, alumni, staff and programs across all our communities.