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Nura Gili Contacts


Associate Professor  Reuben Bolt
BHS(Hons), MMAP, PhD, GradCertMgmt


Email: r.bolt@unsw.edu.au  

Associate Professor Reuben Bolt is the Director of the Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit, and leads the Nura Gili Management Team. He is a descendant of the Yuin/Wandandian and Ngarigo peoples, and is the first person of Aboriginal heritage to graduate with a PhD at the Faculty of Health Sciences (Sydney Uni). He has many years teaching experience in NSW Universities, and currently oversees the operations of Nura Gili. Associate Professor Bolt has worked on various research projects within Aboriginal communities and has developed a research interest in Indigenous Knowledge and Identity.

Indigenous Student Support
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Michael Peachey
BEd DipIndigAustCommStud

Student Services Manager

Email: m.peachey@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 1082

Michael manages the student support services for Nura Gili including academic and learning support, student recruitment and outreach and the day to day student support needs for students. He oversees the delivery of Nura Gili’s key programs and loves football and pies. He makes his team laugh every day.

Dr Katherine Neal
BMath, GradDipEd, MA, MSpecEd, PhD

Academic Support Officer

Email: k.neal@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 7725

Dr Neal joined Nura Gili in March 2014.  As an Academic Support Officer, she works with Indigenous students in their academic studies. Her specialisation is numeracy.

Lisa Watts

Academic Support Officer

Email: l.watts@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3693

Lisa is a new member to the Academic Support team at Nura Gili having previously worked in the Rural Clinical School and also in the School of Education at UNSW. Lisa provides general academic support to students and particularly to students from Medicine and Exercise Physiology.

Nathan Attard

MEd(ACU) B.Ed Secondary HMHE (Sydney) 

Academic Support Officer

Email: n.attard@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3926

Nathan is the newest member of the Nura Gili team. As another passionate member of the Academic Support Team, Nathan is responsible for providing support for students in the Faculty of the Built Environment and Enabling students. Nathan has over 8 years of educational experience, holding academic and pastoral coordinator positions. Nathan is best known for his love of the Parramatta Eels and terrible dad jokes.         


Frances Zahra

BCom and GradDipEd

Academic Support Officer

Email: f.zahra@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3824

Frances’ adventure to Nura Gili has seen her attain qualifications and work in multiple disciplines, the last of which had her working as a high school English teacher. It is there that she discovered her enthusiasm for assisting students achieve their academic goals. She loves to read, bake, and is a two-time fantasy football champion.


Leearna Williams

Student Recruitment Officer

Email: leearna.williams@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 8306

Leearna is responsible for providing prospective and potential Indigenous students with comprehensive and accurate information about applying to and studying at UNSW. She coordinates and attends all careers events and functions to ensure the University reaches its target market and that potential students are provided with information about pathway options and studying at UNSW. She also coordinates Nura Gili’s participation in UNSW recruitment events such as Open Day, Info Day etc. Leearna coordinates the Student Ambassador program and assist the Indigenous Games team each year.


Cheryl Ah-See
BEd DipIndigAustCommStud,

Student Support Officer

Email: c.ah-see@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 8307

Cheryl is the coordinator of Winter School and Pre-Programs. She assists with student support, scholarships, accommodation and all Nura Gili’s activities. She works closely with current and potential students and makes an awesome trifle.


Liam Ridgeway

Student Support Officer

Email: l.ridgeway@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 8609

Liam provides assistance with ITAS and other systems and processes.

Liam graduated 2006 with a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney. He has worked in the tech industry for the past several years, having previously worked for Microsoft and Trend Micro. He is passionate about seeing more Indigenous people move into the tech industry and is looking forward to providing advice to students and how they can go down this path.


Rebekah Torrens
BEd (Primary) ACU

Student Support Officer

Email: r.torrens@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3532

Rebekah Torrens, having previously worked as a Project Officer for Aspire at UNSW for the past 4 years. She graduated from Australian Catholic University, completing her Bachelor of Education (Primary).

Ren Allan
BSocSc N’cle

Student Support Officer

Email: rhiannon.allan@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 1642

Ren is a new member of the Student Support team at Nura Gili having worked previously at the University of Newcastle coordinating outreach programs for Indigenous young people. She is a Kamilaroi woman from Tamworth NSW and in 2011 moved to Newcastle to become the first member of her family to study at university. Ren graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Social Science (Aboriginal Studies and Community Welfare/Human Services). She is excited about joining the team at Nura Gili and passionate about supporting Indigenous students to reach their full potential.


Summa Naylor

Student Support Officer

Email: summa@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 0479

Summa began working for Nura Gili in 2004, working in Student Services. She is a Student Support Officer and she works closely with current and prospective Indigenous students. Outside of work Summa is known for her wonderwoman capabilities dashing from sport to sport, juggling kids all running in their own direction!


India Forbes

Academic Support Officer

Email: i.forbes@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 1084

(on extended leave)

India is a member of the Academic Support team at Nura Gili. She loves helping students reach their full potential at UNSW. India provides general academic support to students and particularly to students studying Arts and Education. She loves a good yarn, cuppa and well organised study planner.



Teaching and Research
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Dr Diana Perche
BA(Hons), MPP, PhD

Academic Coordinator

Email: diana.perche@unsw.edu.au

Dr Diana Perche’s research interests focus on politics and public policy, with a strong interest in how government decisions are made affecting Indigenous people in Australia, and how these decisions are influenced by ideology, evidence, activism and power. Before joining Nura Gili, Diana was the director of postgraduate studies in Politics and Public Policy at Macquarie University. Previously, Diana worked in a number of policy-related positions, including in the Australian Public Service. Diana has degrees from the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, and she completed her PhD at the University of Sydney, on the shifting politics of Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory.


Sarah Keech
BA MIndigSt


Email: sarah.keech@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3966

Sarah is a Lecturer at Nura Gili and is also enrolled as a PhD candidate in the School of Education at UNSW. Her research focuses on teaching and learning scholarship in the field of Australian Indigenous Studies.  Sarah teaches ATSI1011 Indigenous Australia the gateway course to the Nura Gili Indigenous Studies Major and ATSI1012 Aboriginal Sydney. Both courses provide an introduction to scholarship in this field and are suitable as electives for all students across the university.

Ben Kelly
BA BSc(Hons) MA


Email: b.kelly@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 8730

Ben is a Lecturer at Nura Gili where he has taught since 2007. The overarching theme across his research and teaching is a concern with the politics and ideology of struggles for social change. He is currently completing a PhD at the University of Sydney. Ben coordinates ATSI2011 Indigenous Political History, ATSI3005 Whiteness Beyond Colour: Identity and Difference and ATSI2012 Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Politics.

Leah Lui-Chivizhe


Email: l.lui-chivizhe@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 8352

Leah Lui-Chivizhe joined Nura Gili as a Lecturer in 2013. She has worked in the field of tertiary education for 15 years and in 2014 is looking forward to teaching a new course on Torres Strait history, ATSI2016 Torres Strait: Past & Present. She is currently completing a PhD at the University of Sydney.

Dr Johanna Perheentupa


Email: j.perheentupa@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 0715

Johanna joined Nura Gili in 2014. Her research interests are in the area of Australian Indigenous and colonial histories, including Indigenous activism and settler colonial engagement with Indigenous peoples. She co-ordinates ATSI 2003: Indigenous Material Culture - Objects and their Journeys, ATSI 3002: Indigenous Australia - Gendered Identities and ATSI3017: Indigenous Histories and the Colonial World.



  Staff Details
Staff Profiles

Alicia Smith

Administrative Assistant

Email: alicia.smith@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3805

Alicia began working at Nura Gili in 2007 as a trainee. She is currently Nura Gili’s Administrative Assistant where she managed the reception and the day to day administration including all the purchasing, catering, travel bookings etc. for the student support team. She is involved with all our major programs throughout the year including Winter School, Spring Forum and Pre Programs.

Mary Pianka
BA (Sydney) MArtsAdmin (UNSW) 

Research Administrator

Email: m.pianka@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3120

Mary provides advice and administrative support to Nura Gili academic, teaching and research staff and helps out at Reception with general campus inquiries. She graduated with a Master of Arts Admin in 2014. 


Nakia Bolt
DipBus, JP, GradCertCommerce 

Research Administrator

Email: n.bolt@unsw.edu.au

Ph: 02 9385 3120

(On Maternity Leave in 2017)

Nakia provides advice and administrative support to Nura Gili academic, teaching and research staff and higher degree research candidates. She offers JP assistance and is currently undertaking a Masters of Commerce.